What is the impact of solar and wind on energy prices?

The Solar Trade Association is hosting an event this Tuesday (15 December) on the impact of solar and wind on electricity prices.

The London-based event will seek to find answers to the following questions:

Are wind and solar already reducing wholesale electricity prices and consumer energy bills?
Will wind and solar end ‘peak’ electricity prices as we know them?
What is a ‘zero subsidy’ CfD and why is the wholesale price becoming increasingly distorted?
Is the integration of renewables and storage into the grid a challenge and what are the costs to National Grid?
Is 100% renewable power in Germany a realistic possibility, and how could the UK learn lessons from the German experience?

Each session will be followed by a Q&A session where attendees will be able to ask questions of the speakers and raise their own points.

For more information visit www.solar-trade.org.uk