New partnership will help ease UK energy shortage fears

A new partnership is set to help ease the UK’s energy shortage fears and ensure a number of new clean energy distributed generation plants will be up and running within the next couple of years.

Energy Circle, experts in sustainable energy production, has signed a deal to acquire a number of Reliance Energy Ltd’s distributed generation plant projects. The projects, all currently at the development phase with some already in planning, involve plants connected directly to the distribution network, helping to provide much needed electricity to the UK grid during periods of high demand.

“The UK is facing a significant shortfall in the energy it can supply over the next decade” explained Mick Avison, Energy Circle’s Business Origination and Engineering Director.

“Demand will continue to rise as the population grows. However a combination of factors such as decommissioning of nuclear power plants and closure of coal fired plants, will mean the country’s capacity for generating energy will be proportionally reduced, while we continue to rely on imported power from the continent.

“This shortfall is forecast to be around 8.2 GW, that’s the equivalent needed to power almost 2.5 million homes. Clean energy generation offers a solution to supplement this shortfall.

“We’re delighted to have signed a deal with Reliance that will see us take on a number of its existing development projects and start making progress towards reducing the energy shortfall, initially developing a pipeline of 240MW.”

Energy Circle plc will initially focus its activities in the UK, identifying opportunities to develop clean and renewable energy facilities to ensure the country is less reliant on electricity imports, and develops its own generation capacity.

As part of the agreement Reliance, a well-established developer of electricity generation projects, will identify appropriate sites and develop them through the planning and grid application processes. Energy Circle will then take ownership and manage the construction of the plants and commercial operation.

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