Why we’re launching a renewable energy event for the farmers and landowners of Ireland

We shared the exciting news at this years’ Energy Now Expo that we’re launching Energy Now Expo Ireland – a renewable energy event specifically for the farmers and landowners of Ireland that will take place at The Hub in Kilkenny, from 25-26 October 2017.

Renewable energy resources such as land, slurries, waterways and wood are abundantly available in Ireland. However, only a fraction of these resources is currently being used to their potential. They offer sustainable alternatives to a dependency on fossil fuels, as well as a means of reducing harmful greenhouse emissions and will form a critical part of the Irish energy sector in the years ahead.

These resources combined with a target of producing at least 16% of the energy Ireland consumes from renewable sources by 2020 – met by 40% from electricity, 12% from heat and 10% from the renewable transport sector – have led many to view Ireland as one of the most promising European markets for renewables in the years ahead.

Farmers and landowners have a key role to play in the development of this sector due to the natural resources at their disposal. The Energy Now Expo Ireland will provide the information and practical guidance required to allow the agricultural and rural communities of Ireland to select and invest in the most suitable renewable energy systems, in order to diversify their businesses, increase their income, offset their heating and/or power bills and reduce their environmental impact.

The event will consist of an exhibition, featuring suppliers from across the renewable energy and energy management sectors, as well as a conference in which the latest policy and subsidy developments will be discussed. The latter will also provide those involved with guidance on the latest opportunities renewable energy has to offer, explaining how each technology works and involving farmers who have already invested in renewable energy and can therefore reveal the challenges and benefits of their particular schemes. Maximising the efficiency and therefore returns of renewable energy systems will also play a key part in the conference.

“We are very excited by the launch of this brand new event,” said event director David Jacobmeyer. “Renewable energy currently provides thousands of farmers and landowners throughout the UK with a vital source of additional income, making their businesses more sustainable and environmentally friendly and we look forward to sharing this knowledge with like-minded farmers and landowners in Ireland.”

Visit www.energynowexpo-ireland.com for further information, updates and to book tickets.

Interested in exhibiting at this event?  Please contact a member of the team on sales@energy-now.co.uk or by calling 01905 616665