E.ON showcases air source heat pumps in new marketing campaign

City streets transformed into a swimming pool, sustainably heated by air source heat pumps; this is the setting for a new film created by energy provider E.ON designed to show off the amazing things that can be achieved with energy.

As part of E.ON’s commitment to providing new and more sustainable solutions for customers, the energy brand is challenging outdated observations about the role energy plays in our everyday lives with its new film, entitled ‘The Big Dip’.

Set among city streets, the film illustrates the potential of innovative energy solutions such as air source heat pumps, smart homes or solar and battery storage – at a community level or city-wide scale – all powered entirely by more sustainable sources.

Belinda Moore, Director of Marketing and Communications at E.ON UK, said: “The Big Dip is an ambitious look at the potential scale of energy solutions in the UK beyond. We’ve used our air source heat pump technology to heat an Olympic-sized outdoor swimming pool but then made it look like we’ve flooded an entire city street. It mirrors the bold and pioneering approach that we want to bring to our customers’ lives by offering exciting new ways of engaging with energy – creating smarter homes, more sustainable solutions or simply better supporting their individual energy needs.

“Heat pumps are the focus of this film but this conversation is about so much more in reality – it’s about doing amazing things with energy – things like electric vehicles that will help make low carbon transport a reality, growing solar and battery technologies so our homes and business can capture renewable energy and store it ready for use when we need it, or more simply providing high-efficiency boilers so customers can keep their homes warm and comfortable in a cost-effective way.”

As part of the film production process, Barcelona’s 1992 Olympic swimming pool – all 2.5 million litres of it – was warmed using air source heat pump technology.

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