5,000 Northampton homes to benefit from solar energy

SALIIS, one of the UK’s foremost solar PV installers, has agreed a 60,000+ solar PV panel installation programme with Northampton Borough Council, across a portfolio of 5,000 homes managed by Northampton Partnership Homes.

Financed via the Empower Community Management Fund, which champions the transition to sustainable energy, the installation agreement with SALIIS involves no capital or operational costs for Northampton Partnership Homes, and is centred around a 20-year license agreement, which provides free electricity to tenants generated by the solar panels.

For Northampton Partnership Homes, the agreement will go some way in alleviating fuel poverty and delivering the best possible service and savings to their tenants.

Chairman of Northampton Partnership Homes, David Latham, said: “Improving and maintaining the quality of our homes is part of our mission statement in NPH and providing safe and secure housing is really important to our tenants. With rising electricity prices we were determined to find a sustainable solution that could deliver cost savings for our tenants, especially as we approach the winter months.”

Work has already commenced with SALIIS installing solar panels on approximately 100 properties per week for Northampton Partnership Homes. SALIIS manages the entire installation process, from roofworks through to electrical works and grid connection. Throughout the install, and for the duration of the contract, the systems will be monitored and maintained at no cost to Northampton Partnership Homes.

Executive Director of SALIIS, Kirk Rogers said: “With minimal disruption for tenants and no outlay for our client, Northampton Partnership Homes, we’re able to deliver a win, win solution to local authorities and housing associations through our partnership with Empower Community Management.

“Tenants are delighted with their free PV system we’re installing as there is no need for them to switch electricity or gas supplier as this is truly a no hassle, no cost, free installation.”

Both the Funder and the Housing Provider benefit from a profit share of the electricity generated, and tenants are saving an estimated £250 per year on their electricity bills – a significant saving in times when energy costs are rising.

The Empower Community Management Fund is open until 31 March 2019 and interested Councils/local Authorities and Housing Associations are encouraged to contact SALIIS as soon as possible to ensure that they can avail of the fund, and that installation has been completed, before the deadline closes.

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